Wehrli Custom Fab 2004.5-2007 S300 2nd Gen Swap

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This kit is designed for you to be able to install an S300 based turbo and a 2nd gen style manifold in place of your factory turbo. This is a complete kit with everything needed for a simple, clean, worry free installation. We personally use WCFAB products in house and can attest to the fit and finish of their products. If not purchasing the turbo through this order you must be sure to specify the turbo and exhaust housing being used. This kit is designed to be used with a HX40 style downpipe connection. In some cases turbo may have been shipped to WCFAB for modification. If any questions or concerns please call in before placing order and we can help you with your decision.


 **Hot side Inter cooler pipe with v-band connection at turbo, kit INCLUDES welding of V-band flange to turbo cover. If you are not purchasing turbo from us, it WILL need to be sent in to have flange welded onto the outlet. 
**The down pipe is HX40 style flange connection at the turbo exhaust housing as this style offers the best seal, alignment, and easiest install. If you are not purchasing the turbo from us you will need to make sure your exhaust housing is machined to HX40 style outlet flange!